Welcome to Trisch Moy's web page!

  I do everything out loud!  I learn out loud,  play out loud, fail and succeed out loud, and teach out loud (maybe too loud sometimes).  It's my way of making my own choices in life, and guiding others to make theirs in a purposeful and passionate way that helps us discover who we are.  I have so much that I want to share as a lifelong learner and lifelong teacher too.

I am a mother of an elementary age boy with amazing talents to make me laugh and feel loved, as well as keeping my brain challenged with his tricky riddles.  Sometimes he is so smart, it is easy for me to forget that he is just a little boy.  I also struggle with his ADHD and ODD.  Yes, I own most of those struggles, not him.  My little genius keeps on my toes and teaches me everyday something more about myself and this this world we live in.  
My amazing husband, is in and out of meetings everyday, trying to save the world.  He works for a very large school district managing the budget.  He is also a certified workplace trainer for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  

 In August of 2011,  I was commissioned as a Stephen Leader at Zion Lutheran Church in San Antonio, Texas.  Before that, I received 50 hours of training on how Stephen Ministry works, and how to to be Christian caregiver, and 7days of Stephen Leadership Training in Dallas, Texas.  To learn more, check out the Stephen Ministry web page.  As a Stephen Minister and Stephen Leader, I continue to recieve training and work with to provide care to those throughout our community who are hurting.  We pray, listen, and just be there for those facing a life-crisis and walk along side them on their journey as they discover how Christ is working in their life. 
I volunteer at Haven for Hope, a new concept, state of the art, transformation center center for those individuals, families, and their pets too, that are without a permanent home.  Check out the web site and you will be amazed at all that God is doing  at Haven for Hope.  I hear stories every time I'm there about how God has worked through the staff, volunteers, and through their own heartbreak to teach them a new way of living. 

I am a Texas Certified Teacher with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre Education and Communications Education with decades of teaching experience in private and public settings. I taught at NISD for ten years and began teaching home school classes in 2008.  

Classes are taught in a way that gets students physically, emotionally, and intellectually involved in the subject. Students learn to build their own opinion based on facts, research, and experiences.  Students in my classes learn to express their opinions in a positive and constructive way.  Active learning allows kids to challenge their ideas and the ideas presented to them from other students, resources, or the teacher. Students and parents will have access to lesson plans, resource materials and private discussion groups on our secure online class page to allow further study at home.  

To check out the classes that I am teaching now, or offering soon, visit Learning Out Loud! Homeschool.

I love to read.  I am currently interested in historical fiction, self-help, spiritual guidance, and bible study.  I like to read to learn, to relax, and just so I can disappear for a while. 

As a family, we enjoying going to dog parks, going for walks, and just enjoying time together cuddling up in front of movie or the latest episode of MythBusters.  My son and I both enjoy the theatre and were just in our first play together with Zion's Theatre Group. Hopefully the first of many.  We have season tickets to the Magik Theatre and when we can remember to go, enjoy making a day of the event.  

I have been battling numerous and sometimes mysterious health concerns since about 2000.  My current diagnosis includes fibromyalgia.  So, I get tired very easily, can't stand for too long, and usually have some pain somewhere. 

 I do my best to not let it stop me.  I can walk, teach, laugh, play, pray, learn and enjoy most of what this wonderful world has to offer.  I am grateful for so many things in my life.  I have been blessed with some good doctors, and friends who offer their compassion and support when I need it.  My health seems to be cyclical and most days are good days.  I do my best to walk a few times a week.  As for eating right, I am still trying to figure that one out.